Corporate Partners

MQI relies increasingly on fundraising to address Ireland’s urgent and ever-growing problems with homelessness, addiction and mental health issues. Whether your company is global, national or a family-run business, with Merchants Quay Ireland, you can be part of the solution. Phone Emma Murphy at (01) 524 0965 or email to explore your ideas.

Our Partners


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June 10k Steps Challenge

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Our 10k Steps Challenge offers a fun and accessible way for co-workers to connect. Staff are invited to walk 10,000 steps a day in one month and raise funds via JustGiving for men and women struggling with homelessness in Ireland. Teams can connect to share progress, show off their walking routes, and ultimately motivate each other while supporting vulnerable people in Ireland. We will send each brave participant a fundraising pack and the MQI team will be there every step of the way to support!

For more information on the 10k challenge and getting started, you can contact Emma at (01) 524 0965 or email.

Chef for a Day this programme is currently suspended due to COVID-19

Merchants Quay Ireland works with some of the most marginalised people in Ireland and provides over 49,884 meals per year. Your employees can volunteer at Riverbank drop-in centre, supervised by the chef and our team, serving meals, cleaning tables, meeting clients. 

Book a week or a month for your staff to volunteer 2 per shift, breakfast and lunch. We’ll brief your team on what to expect and the sensitivities required in this unique environment. Cost is €50 per participant per day.

Socks and Jocks Collections (And essential supplies)

People sleeping rough on our streets come to MQI for food, a hot shower and change of clothes. It’s the foundation of building relationships with people who are severely marginalised and vulnerable. Clients are often clinically depressed and suffering from poor mental health or struggling with addiction. Their way back can begin with something as basic as new socks and underwear. 

Items must be new and packaged in respect for personal dignity. Our storage space is limited so please call the fundraising office at 01 524 0139 to inquire what we’re currently running short of. Generally clients always need:

  • Men’s socks and jocks
  • Ladies’ underwear, sports bras and socks
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Bath towels
  • Miniature ‘hotel-sized’ soaps and shampoos
  • Disposable Razors and shaving foam/gel
  • Toothbrushes / toothpaste
  • Hats, scarves and gloves for winter
  • Suntan lotion for summer

Corporate Partnerships

If you’d like to get to know us better and really explore how your company can move the lever with MQI, contact Emma Murphy at (01) 524 0965 or email to discuss.

If we’re the right fit, MQI can offer you:

  • Virtual Q&A sessions with staff
  • Open Day visits hosted by staff and clients of our residential drug-free rehabilitation services and aftercare houses 
  • Onsite presentations at your HQ

In return for:

  • Capacity building – your financial support and expertise input
  • Client opportunities – work placements and internships for clients re-entering employment.
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