The Pharmacology of Addiction

Merchants Quay Ireland is pleased to offer a workshop on the Pharmacology of Addiction for those in the addiction field or related fields looking to expand and build upon their knowledge base in this area. The training will include learning in areas such as how psychoactive drugs work in terms of their biochemical economy, the pleasure system and pathways, and the function of neurotransmitters/receptors in the pathology of addiction. The key psychoactive drugs will be explored from sedatives through to stimulants to hallucinogens and their derivatives. In addition, the N.P.S. (New Psychoactive Substances) will also be examined with regard to their effects, routes of admission, tolerance, and toxicity. This training is for anyone with a serious interest in the area of substance use and who interacts in either a paid or voluntary capacity with people who have addiction issues.

Title: The Pharmacology of Addiction

Course facilitator: Peter Kelly, Merchants Quay Ireland, Training Officer

Venue: The Carmelite Centre, 56 Aungier Street, Dublin 2

Schedule: 10 a.m.—1 p.m.

Eligibility: This training is for anyone who interacts on either a paid or a voluntary capacity in the area of problem drug use /addiction and has an interest in learning more about the pharmacology of legal and non-legal psychoactive drugs

Cost: €50.00

How to apply: Course application forms are attached to this advertisement, and can also be obtained from Peter Kelly, Training Officer at Merchants Quay Ireland or by contacting Peter at 01-5240936.

Closing Date: Closing date for receipt of application forms is Friday 12th July 2019

More Information: Application form can be downloaded here. Please send completed application form to Peter at

Learning Outcomes:

  • An awareness of how psychoactive  drugs impact on the CNS in terms of their biochemical economy
  • Become familiar with the main divisions of psychoactive substances, their common effects and the distinction between drug misuse and drug dependence.
  • An understanding of the different categories of drugs and their effects, from sedatives/depressants to stimulants, to hallucinogens, and their utility in terms of routes of admission, tolerance, and withdrawals
  • An exploration of N.P.S. (New Psychoactive Substances) and their derivatives, in terms of effects, legal status, and toxicity.
  • A basic knowledge of reward pathways, the role of neurotransmitters/ receptors, the effects of dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline and gaba in the pharmacology of addiction
  • The efficacy of treatment approaches from a pharmacology perspective.
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