Fundraising Ideas

Without people like you, we wouldn’t be able to make a positive impact on Ireland’s hungry and homeless. There’s a million and one ways that you can fundraise for Merchants Quay, check out some of the tips below.

Organise Your Own Event

Some great ideas we’ve had over the years include organising a coffee morning. This is always a great idea, as there’s nothing like getting everyone together over a nice cuppa and some cake!

Cycling is another great idea, you’ve probably seen a few people doing static cycling in your local supermarket. If you’re a leisure cyclist who likes a challenge you can organise your own fundraising cycle for MQI, people often raise money for MQI by taking part in the Ring of Kerry or even the Tour De Connemara.

Be Creative

If these ideas aren’t for you, you can always come up with your own unique event to fundraise for MQI. You can email our fundraising team at with your ideas and receive your own fundraising guide which contains lots more fundraising ideas that may spark you imagination.

Some useful tips for organising your own event is to;

  1. Get a group of friends who can operate as the ‘organising committee;
  2. Decide what you want your event to be
  3. Set a budget and goals
  4. Contact our fundraising team at for some useful tips on making your event a great success, and of course to obtain all the necessary forms to make it official
  5. Develop a plan of action
  6. Think about what might go wrong and have plans to combat these
  7. Make sure your event is detailed as it can be! i.e do you need volunteers, are you going to sell tickets?
  8. After your event is over, make sure to plan out how you are going to look after the money you raised. And always, always, always, make sure to thank everyone that helped you out. Even a phone call or a nice message is always a good touch.


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