Detox & Rehab Services

Our Drug-Free Treatment Services provide easily accessible treatment for drug users who wish to become drug-free. Service users can be self-referred or may be referred from a wide variety of agencies across the country. MQI offers addiction recovery options in Dublin at High Park Residential Rehabilitation Programme in Drumcondra, and in Carlow at St. Francis Farm Detox and Rehabilitation Centre.

Each year, MQI assists over 100 people on their path to recovery, as well as with our Aftercare programme.

Former High Park client Derek said:

“I got so much support here. The counselling is amazing for starters. Like really, really good. The staff are available whenever need them. They do so much… From the day you come in, they’re preparing you for when you leave. The longer I stayed, the more I learned about myself, the more I wanted to keep learning about myself.”


High Park Case Worker, Brian, said:

“[High Park] is a very safe environment. It’s a highly supportive environment. When you’re there, you have a lot of people around you who ask you how you are, and you will have access to people that you can talk to about stuff that comes up for you during the day. There is that security.
It is revisited as [clients] come back to the aftercare group and they sit in the group room where they would have done therapeutic work, and would have been supported by peers and staff. That allows them to feel safe.”

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