Thank you for your gift made In Memory of your loved one

Gifts made in memory of a loved one are especially meaningful.  Your compassion means everything to the men and women who come to Merchants Quay Ireland for help.  It’s a great honour that you chose MQI to pay tribute to your loved one.

If you would like a special prayer read in their honor please let us know and we will send their name to our Franciscan Brother who will read this out in Mass at the Adam & Eve’s Church here at Merchants Quay Ireland, where our charity, began back in 1969. Please get in touch with Maggie on 015240139 or by email

Your heart and that of your loved one lives here, in the kindness that lights up where once was dark. Thank you.



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Thank you for keeping the lights on and the kettle warm for Ireland's homeless and hungry...

Your Heart lives here aMQI Project works Jenny and Amy holding sign reading " Thank you for the Good you do"


We never forget that it is only by the grace of generous supporters like you, that MQI’s door can be open, day and night, to welcome Ireland’s homeless and hungry. 

The simple truth is, at MQI everything we can do is because of supporters like you. It is your kindness that – for those who is homeless, like Jack – means there a hot meal. It is you who stocks our shelves with dry socks, sleeping bags and sturdy shoes. You who stands behind the medical care and counselling. You.

If you ever have any questions about the work you are making possible please give us a call on 01 5240139. We love chatting with wonderful people like you who make our work possible.

We also love being able to show you where your money is spent, so we have private donor tours of our Riverbank Homeless centre on the second Thursday of every month. If you’re ever free to come along, we’d be delighted to have the chance to meet you and say thanks face-to-face. Or even come along to our annual Christmas Gratitude Concert on the 15th December, you would be more than welcome. For more info please call Emma Murphy on 01 5240965 or email

If you donate more than €250 in a calendar year, we will send you a tax rebate cert so we may be able to claim up to 45% on top of your donation from Revenue. If you have any questions about this please call Deirdre Mullen on 01 5240139.

Because of the wonderful gift you have given, at MQI hope lights even the darkest places.

Thank you for the light that you bring.