Its easy for you to fundraise online and share your page on social media in just a few minutes. Whether you’re running a marathon, hosting a bake sale, shaving your head or testing those brain-cells with a quiz, JustGiving has everything you need to make your fundraiser for Merchants Quay Ireland a success. To setup your very own page for Merchants Quay Ireland on JustGiving please visit the link below.

JustGiving has also launched integrations with fitness apps such as Strava. So if you were thinking of doing a virtual run, now is a great time and you will have all you need to raise funds and share your fitness progress, don’t be shy with those miles, you’ve earned the bragging rights!


For more help and tips for getting the most out of your JustGiving page have a look through the JustGiving toolkit

  1. Promote your selfie. Fundraisers with pictures on their page raise 14% more per photo. …
  2. Tell your personal story. Why do you care? …
  3. Shoot for a target. Pages with a target raise 46% more. …
  4. Don’t forget about email – its still a great way to reach out to those you know
  5. Be creative – add some photos, videos and posts along the way.
  6. Let us know – get in touch with the community fundraising team on communityfundraising@mqi.ie or call Maggie on 015240139 to tell us your doing a fundraiser, we support you all the way!
  7. Don’t be afraid to share – we can share your page on social media along the way
  8. Update your page to let people know how its going, doing so encourages more people to engage with what you’re doing and do post when you’ve reached your goal!

When your JusGiving fundraiser concludes the funds will be sent to Merchants Quay Ireland.

Both JustGiving and Facebook are a safe and easy ways to fundraise and the funds will transfer to our bank account automatically.

Again, do get in touch with us by email or  by phone on 01 5240139 to let us know about your fundraiser as we are always here to support you along the way!

If you our your supporters would like to know more about the work of Merchants Quay and learn of how their support has helped please keep in touch for email updates!

Spread the word:

You can email your ideas to our fundraising team at communityfundraising@mqi.ie or give Maggie a call on 015240139 if you need any more advice for your fundraiser!

Have fun, Stay safe and thank you for supporting the work of MQI!