Leave A Gift in Your Will

By leaving a gift to MQI in your Will, large or small, you can make a tremendous difference to the lives of people who need help right here in Ireland and for the future too. And for your kindness, we will always remember you.

When it comes to your will, it’s only right that your family and friends come first in your thoughts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also leave a gift to a cause close to your heart. Leaving a gift to MQI in your will is a straightforward, easy and cost-effective way to support our work.

To find out more about leaving a gift in your will please call Emma on 01 524 0965 or email emma.murphy@mqi.ie. Emma will be able to send you an information leaflet on what to do and answer any questions or queries you may have.

Q & A On Making A Will

Why do I need a will?

Making a Will is extremely important, even if you don’t plan to leave a legacy. That’s because a Will is the only way for you to say how your money and personal belongings should be used after your death.

Fortunately, it couldn’t be more straightforward. If you already have a solicitor, your first step is as simple as a phone call. If not, you’ll need to find a solicitor who will draw up a Will for you. This should be easy, as it’s one of the basic services almost all solicitors provide.

I’d like to leave a legacy in my will. What types of legacies are there?

There are two types of legacies:

1. Residuary Legacy: you make provisions for your nearest and dearest first, then leave the remainder or part of the remainder of your estate as your legacy after all other bequests and any debts have been paid.

Sample residuary legacy wording for your Will

“I give to Merchants Quay Ireland of 24 Merchants Quay, Dublin 8, all [or a fraction] of the residue of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever, and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or other officer for the time being of the said Organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the same.”

2. Pecuniary Legacy: a legacy gift of a fixed sum of money.

Sample pecuniary legacy wording for your Will:

“I give the sum of €_______ or I bequeath [the item specified] to Merchants Quay Ireland (CHY10311) of Merchants Court, 24 Merchants Quay, Dublin 8, and I direct that the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of the said Organisation shall be proper and sufficient discharge for the same.”

I want to leave a legacy, but I’ve already made my will. Can I change it?

Yes. Even if you have an existing will, it’s easy to change it to include a legacy to the charity of your choice. This change is called a “Codicil” and can if you have an existing Will, it’s easy to change it to include a legacy to the charity of your choice. This change is called a “Codicil” and can be drawn up easily by your solicitor.

Do I have to notify you if I leave a legacy to MQI?

The decision to give is a personal one, and at MQI we respect that. As such, the choice to notify us is entirely yours. But we hope you will consider letting us know you have left a legacy to MQI for three very important reasons:

  1. It gives us the chance to thank you.
  2. It lets us work with you personally in directing your legacy to areas of MQI’s work that are most meaningful to you.
  3. It allows us to plan for the future.

Our pledge of discretion to you is that any information you choose to provide will always be treated with the utmost confidentiality – and that Merchants Quay Ireland remain equally grateful for the legacy support of those who choose not to advise us in advance. Again, if you have any questions, please ring Emma Murphy directly on 01 524 0965 and she’ll be happy to help you.

Thank you, as ever, for your lasting kindness.

Mary’s Story

The numbers of hungry and homeless on Ireland’s streets didn’t sit right with Mary. So when she discovered what the taxman could claim of her estate, Mary knew just what to do…

"It’s not because I'm a huge donor," Mary explains. "I just feel that I would like to go on helping while I can"
“It’s not because I’m a huge donor,” Mary explains. “I just feel that I would like to go on helping while I can”

Why MQI: in Mary’s words

I was really overwhelmed at what was being done for people at MQI – the practicality of trying to rehabilitate people and give them a safe place at the Night Café is, to me, a godsend. But I was doubly alerted to it after my solicitor told me what the State could take in inheritance taxes. Mentioning MQI in my will was a very simple thing… the same as mentioning my child, or my godchild. I like the ethos. I know that the money will be well used.

Thoughtful to the last

She describes the process of leaving a gift to charity as “not difficult at all. I made the decision in my solicitor’s office and walked out having done it. Your solicitor takes care of all the details.” At the end of our visit with Mary, she donated some lovely wash bags for clients who might be going into hospital, or coming to rehab from prison. “I’m not a huge donor,” she laughs. But it’s clear – whether sharing the story of her legacy to MQI so others could protect themselves from inheritance taxes, or be remembering those in need – that Mary is thoughtful to the last.