Tax Efficient Giving

How Charity Tax Back / Tax Efficient Giving Works

Give again for free! All that’s required is a few moments of your time. 

With your help, MQI can claim a 45% tax refund from Revenue on donations from supporters who give €250 or more in any given year. 

For example, if you give a monthly gift of €21 for 12 months, that equals €252 per year. With a signed and completed tax form, that could be worth €365 to MQI with tax relief. This additional €113 is enough to provide 17 nourishing meals to those who are homeless.

To enable MQI to claim this relief, all you need do is complete a simple form that covers any year in which you donate €250 or more. And the good news is, after filling in the form, you will not have to complete it again for 5 years. This is tax efficient giving. 

We automatically send tax forms to donors who gave €250 or more in the previous year. If you haven’t received yours please click here to download your CHY3 tax form or call 01 524 0139 to speak to Elizabeth and she will send one out to you. For more information from Revenue please click here

The above CHY3 form, once signed and completed, is valid for 5 years. However, if you would prefer to complete a CHY4 form annually instead, please click here.

To free these tax funds to do good in your name, all you need to do is:

1. Enter your name and address.

2. Provide your PPS number (important!).

3. Enter “Merchants Quay Ireland” as the name of eligible charity.

4. Sign, date, and email back to elizabeth.kalu@mqi.ie or post to Merchants Quay Ireland, P.O. Box 11958, FREEPOST F3736, Dublin 8.

Note: only tick the box beside ‘associated with an approved body’ on the tax
form if you are an employee or board member of MQI.


Are my donations eligible?

Your donations can be worth nearly 45% more to MQI if:
• Your donation(s) totals €250 or more in any calendar year
• Your donation(s) is in the form of money and/or securities (shares or
• You were resident in Republic of Ireland during the years in question.
• You pay income tax or capital gains tax in respect of the years in question.
• You or anyone connected with you obtained no benefit from MQI for making
the donation(s).

Have you donated just under €250 this year?

If you have donated just under €250 this year you can grow your donation by 45% by calling 01 5240139 or by donating online by clicking the donate button below.


Will MQI getting a tax rebate on my donations affect the tax I pay?

No, it won’t cost you anything or affect your tax status or how much you pay in tax.

Can I do this for other charities as well?

Yes! You can do it for as many charities as you want as long you have donated more than €250 in a year. However, if the tax relief that charities receive is more than the tax you paid, Revenue will issue the tax relief to charities on a first come first served basis.

You’re not a taxpayer but your spouse is – can MQI claim tax relief on the donations?

Yes, if you’re jointly assessed for tax.

I’m not employed or I’m on a pension. Am I still eligible?

If you have a pension, investments or any other asset that you pay either income tax or capital gains tax on, your donations are eligible for tax relief.

I’m self-employed/self-assessed. Can I get the tax relief?

Since the 1st of January 2013, self-assessed and PAYE taxpayers are treated the same. All the tax relief goes to the charity, not the taxpayer.

What about donations made by companies?

In the case of corporate donations, the company can claim a deduction as if it were a trading expense.

If you have further questions:

If you have any questions about the Charity Tax Relief scheme, or would like anything above clarified, you can call Elizabeth on 01 524 0139 or email  elizabeth.kalu@mqi.ie

Thank you so much for your support.

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