Healthcare Services

Primary Health Care

The need on the streets is great; there were 13,727 healthcare interventions during 2019.  Riverbank is a practical place as well for GPs and hospital consultants to see their homeless patients, who might otherwise fall off the radar. Riverbank’s primary healthcare services are provided thanks to the voluntary support and in partnership with the HSESt. James’s Hospital, the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive and SafetyNet. Treating physical and mental health issues before they turn into A&E visits makes sense from both a humanitarian and an economic perspective.

Nursing and GP Services

Compassion in the face of tremendous demand is an essential ingredient to healing at Merchants Quay Ireland. There were 3,004 nursing interventions in 2019.  The number of GP visits remained high at 5,070 visits by 1,467 unique clients. Behind this number are many instances of our nurse, Marguerite, going above and beyond the call of duty – accompanying people to A&E, treating overdoses on the street and giving people respite in the nurse’s room. We mix this with the leading practices on issues such as wound care, blood testing, sexual health, medication management, and gender-specific health issues.

When Marguerite’s heart told her to leave a permanent job in nursing management and return to healthcare at the front-lines of homelessness, she listened. She hasn’t looked back since.


If clients come in it’s an opportunity to do all we can – to notice if they’ve lost weight, to see if they’ll do a virus screening or if they need to talk. To be able to provide that level of care, it’s a privilege.

The Dental Team

Our dental clinic operates in our Open Access centre on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9am and 4.30pm. To book an appointment, please call 087 994 3503. Our Open Access Centre is located at 13-14 Merchant’s Quay, Dublin 8.

The dental service continued to be in high demand across 2019 with a total of 412 individuals receiving treatment from our dental team. The dental service operates on a drop-in basis in the afternoons and a structured appointment-based service in the mornings, allowing the dental team to provide longer, extensive treatments including oral surgery, full oral rehabilitation work, molar root canals, and surgical extractions.

We see huge tooth infections, dental trauma from clients getting hurt on the streets, neglect because they have no water or their toothbrushes get stolen. When we’ve done a filling, they are nearly crying with happiness.

The Mental Health Team

In 2019, 2,662 mental health interventions were provided by our mental healthcare team, to 391 unique clients. Having the mental health team means that clients no longer have to wait for hours in A&E and can get their issues addressed before they turn into full-blown crises.

Derek, MQI’s Mental Health Nurse, stresses the importance of the service;

If you think of how isolated people who are homeless can be, it’s no wonder they suffer from illnesses like depression and anxiety. It’s down to our supporters that MQI’s mental health service has expanded, that we’re leading the way a bit. They are changing people’s lives.

Last update of the article: 19/08/2020.