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Jak wydawane są Twoje pieniądze

Because of your compassion and generosity, you are there…in the hot tea and meals we offer, in the basic medical care and counselling we provide, there beside each man and woman as they begin their first steps toward a drug-free life. Your generous donations help keep the lights on and the kettle warm at Merchants Quay Ireland.

MQI is so grateful for the financial support we receive from individuals, families, religious organisations, businesses, voluntary and statutory agencies, charitable trusts & foundations. Without your steadfast support we would be unable to continue expanding our services to Ireland’s most vulnerable.

How your donations are wisely used


Expenditure split across core services

Merchants Quay Ireland is dedicated to achieving the highest standards in corporate governance and is e fully compliant with the Code of Practice for Good Governance of Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations in Ireland since March 2017.

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