Psycho-dynamics of Addiction

27th April 2018
10 a.m.—1 p.m.

 The Carmelite Center 56 Aungier St Dublin 2


This half-day workshop in the psycho-dynamics of addiction explores the role of the unconscious in addictive cycles. The training offers participants an opportunity to gain an understanding of both subjective and unconscious formations that permeate substance misuse and to reflect on their practice from these perspectives.

The training is designed for anyone who has a serious interest in addiction and its role in the conscious, or those who are in a paid or voluntary capacity with people who may be dealing with addiction issues.

Course Objectives

  • Have an understanding of the relationship between addiction and language and the implications for counselling (talking therapies).
  • Have an appreciation of psycho-dynamic perspectives in relation to addiction in terms of a divided subjectivity and how toxic media functions in and for this division.
  • Have a sense of both unconscious formations and the logic of the unconscious and its interface with addictive cycles.
  • Distinguish between symptom and structure in the pathology of addiction and the implications for treatment.
  • Have an understanding of how ego deficits, defence mechanisms, secondary gains, and transference are played out in the clinical picture of addiction.
  • Have an ability to reflect on how unconscious formations influence the recovery process, and vice versa, in other words, how the recovery process influences unconscious formations.

How to Apply

Please download the application and brochure here, and return to MQI Training Department, Merchants Quay Ireland, Merchants Court 24 Merchants Quay Ireland, Dublin 8.

The closing date for this course is 13th April 2018.

For further information please contact Peter Kelly on 01 525 0936 or email peter.kelly@mqi.ie

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