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In the past year some of you might have caught the other bug, the running one that is! Bring this healthy habit into 2021 and keep motivated with the various runs and marathons taking place across the country.

You might have always wanted to run or walk the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon or if you’re really up for it, the KBC Dublin Marathon. Both challenges are key dates on the running calendar so what better way to challenge yourself than these much loved events. Like most events in 2020, both events went virtual and this helped many to take part than ever before! Once registeration opens for the 2021 editions, secure your place for the event and if you wish to support Merchants Quay Ireland get in touch and we can provide you with everything you need to start fundraising to help those in need!

In the meantime you could keep up the momentum and run a virtual 5 or 10k step into spring challenge to support Merchants Quay Ireland. You can use fitness app like Stava to clock the kms and get the kudos from your crew! If you’re a running club you could do a virtual marathon and share your prorgress with your friends and family. It’s a great way to boost your motivation, your mental health and keep training until the official dates for the KBC Dublin Marathon and VHI Women’s Mini Marathon are announced.

There are many other virtual challenges happening throughout the year that you can get involved with too and you can raise funds in support of Merchants Quay Ireland.  If you’re feeling up for the challenge please get in touch with Maggie on 01 5240139 or email communityfundraising@mqi.ie to get a supporter pack. You can also sign up to hear updates from us here

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