Thank you for being our hero during Covid-19...

Your generosity has just helped provide emergency food and healthcare to someone who is homeless and vulnerable during the coronavirus crisis.

Thank you, from the heart.

And one day, we hope you will be able to meet Wesley.

Wesley is one of the frontline MQI staff who will be able to give takeout meals thanks to your emergency donation, to help people who are homeless and vulnerable during Covid-19.

He wears protective clothing, and clients come in just one at a time. To maintain social distancing… to keep one another safe.

But for that one small moment, Wesley greets every client with a smile and a welcome word. More than that takeaway meal, they carry with them new hope and a lifeline because of you.

Clients will also come for our doctor and nursing care, thanks to you. More than wounds tended, more than medications dispensed, they will find a ray of mercy and comfort here during some of Ireland’s most uncertain days.

Thank you, today and always, for being our hero during Covid-19. Thank you for taking the time to give. Thank you for hope, and humanity.

We’ll send you on a receipt of your kind and urgent donation by email soon.

Please keep safe. Thank you again, and God bless.

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