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Thank you for standing by our young people who come to the door of Merchants Quay, letting them know you care. Your gift will help ensure the roles of our Youth Support Workers are safeguarded for the next two years.

Your kindness means that young people will have somewhere safe to go during the day. Someone to talk to. Someone to share their worries and concerns with. Thank you for showing that there is always hope – even in these dark days – your kindness shines bright.

On the latest episode of our podcast Tea with Merchants Quay, you can hear Antoinette, one of our Youth Support Workers, speak directly with our client, Elton. The optimism and confidence that Elton has gained from joining the Young Person’s Support Programme is a testament to the help you are providing us with today. Thank you so much.

We will send you a receipt of your kind donation by email soon.

From all of us here at MQI, thank you.