MQI Book of Love

Share Your Wisdom in Merchants Quay Ireland’s Book of Love…

Pay tribute to their well-lived life in the MQI Book of Love. A cherished memory to share with clients in recovery.

The MQI Book of Love is a collection of messages of hope and encouragement, written by you, for clients in our rehabilitation centers to read. As men and women take their first nervous steps into their new drug-free lives – your words of wisdom will offer them guidance and inspiration.

Share your precious memories of the loved one who still lives in your heart. How wonderful it is to celebrate the well-lived lives of the people we love. To remember and share what they taught us. The MQI Book of Love will be cherished here forever, always growing as more of our MQI family add to it. It will be read by clients in recovery at St. Francis Farm and High Park, year after year. If you’d like more information or help to record your unique contribution, Emma is on hand by phone on 015240139 or send an email to

Emma Murphy


Thank you for keeping the tribute to your loved one alive in the hearts of those who come for help.

Thank you so much for your support.

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