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Your CSR Goals

There is a growing awareness amongst businesses in Ireland of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The term CSR is often misconstrued as something only done by large corporates; however, it has huge benefits for SMEs and micro enterprises too. It acts in a way that shows a level of care for employees as well as the wider local community. A strong CSR ethos is a fantastic way to show a company cares and is willing to give back in some fashion.

For small to medium businesses this may be less formal and more intuitive, whereas in larger corporate companies these programmes are often embedded in their framework. Either way, MQI is more than happy to sit and listen to what your goals are, and from that starting point we can work together to build out a programme that will help achieve these goals.


Teaming Up to Offer Hope

MQI believes in extending a caring, understanding hand to people who are homeless. Our corporate partners share our ethos and they all play a key role in this work of the heart.

We understand that partnerships can happen in many different ways, and don’t always involve just handing over a cheque. Here are just a few ideas of how you and your colleagues could get involved. We always welcome new ideas also, so let us know what you’re thinking! We’re happy to explore all ideas big and small!

We’ll provide fundraising advice and materials – everything to make your event a success. And we can also help get the word out on our social media channels.


Charity of the Year

There’s no bigger honour for us than being named a company’s Charity of the Year.

We understand that Charity of the Year is a partnership between people and cultures, with shared passions and values. If you’d like to discuss ideas, let’s chat about what we can achieve together.


Payroll & Matched Giving

Just like Charity of the Year, Payroll Giving is perfect for when your company has a real passion for helping people who are homeless in Ireland.

Payroll Giving is an easy way for your employees to donate to MQI’s work directly from their monthly salary. Monthly donations mean MQI can plan future supports for people who need us. If your company also matches your employees’ donations, so much more can be achieved.

Check with your company’s HR or Finance department to see if they offer a Matched Giving scheme – and if not, you could encourage them to set one up!


Share Your Expertise

A partnership can do even more than raise funds. Your expertise free of charge can be transformative. Please contact us if services-in-kind is something you’d like to explore.

In the past, for example, companies have kindly provided legal advice, contention creation, website development, and logistical support; the options are endless! And they pledged to deliver these items whenever required. This is a massive saving, in both time and money – which ultimately benefits those vulnerable people who use the services.


Display our “Lived Experience” Exhibition

The stigma of addiction and recovery is real. It shames people and puts up barriers to rebuilding life and starting over. You can help to break down the stigma of addiction by displaying MQI’s “Lived Experience of Addiction” photo exhibition in your workplace. It’s a beautiful collection of photos designed to open conversations around addiction and homelessness.

We care passionately about deepening people’s understanding of addiction and the effects it has not just on the individual but on families and communities too. You can help us to break down this stigma around addiction.


Run A Team Fundraising Event

Work can be demanding, so it’s really important to get together every now and then to have some fun. And what makes a team event even more fun? When it’s for a great cause!

We’ll be happy to share fundraising advice and materials – everything to make your event a success. And we can also help get the word out, on our social media channels.


Socks and Jocks

Give the gift of dignity. Collect new, packaged underwear, socks and toiletries for men and women who’ve come in for a hot shower. Call us at (01) 524 0139 to find out what supplies are currently needed.


Get in contact!

Lema Murphy
Corporate Relationships Manager
Email: Lema.murphy@mqi.ie
Phone: (01) 524 0160


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