Dublin Ink ‘Lifeline’ Tattoo Raises €7,000

Dublin Ink ‘Lifeline’ Tattoo Raises €7,000 for Merchants Quay Ireland

Dublin Ink announced in late November that they would be raising much needed funds for Merchants Quay Ireland. The Temple Bar tattoo parlour offered their customers a special ‘lifeline’ tattoo, with every euro spent going to MQI. Manager of Dublin Ink, Danielle Robinson, said; “The main thing is trying to help people who’ve been pushed out by society. We are all human, we all have a heartbeat and we should all be helping each other out.”

Dublin Ink had up to seven artists at the studio on the day volunteering their time. Finishing the busy day off with an evening of celebratory drinks, food and music.

The studio chose the ‘lifeline’ tattoo as it is an international symbol of compassion and humanity, and captures Dublin Ink’s support for Dublin’s most vulnerable. The tattoo fundraising initiative launched on 22nd December 2017 and was a huge success, with €7,000 raised for MQI.

Check out the video below to see how the day went for Dublin Ink, and thanks again guys!


Interested in fundraising for Merchants Quay Ireland? Check out our fundraising page for ideas here or get in touch with us at if you have your own idea!


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