We invite you to take a virtual tour of High Park, our dedicated facility for men and women on the road to recovery. Here, people with complex needs find a non-judgmental, supportive environment tailored to help them rebuild their lives.

In this tour, you’ll see how the staff at High Park welcome everyone with warmth and compassion. From the moment they step inside, clients are offered a safe space where they can begin their journey to recovery. They can take a hot shower, enjoy a nutritious meal, and find respite from the struggles they face daily.

High Park offers a comprehensive range of services designed to address both the physical and emotional aspects of recovery. Our dedicated team includes addiction counselors and key support workers who are always available to provide personalized care. Clients can participate in various activities and programs that promote personal development, life skills, and emotional well-being.

This life-changing service is made possible entirely through the generosity of our donors. Thank you for supporting High Park and for giving individuals the chance to reclaim their lives. Your kindness and commitment are the cornerstones of the recovery journey for so many.

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