Leave a Gift in Your Will

A gift in your will, in any amount, can do so much good.

For the men and women who come to Merchants Quay Ireland when there’s nowhere else to turn, your legacy can be lifesaving.

You can decide on a specific amount, or you can name a percentage of what’s left after taking care of your loved ones.

Even 1% is enough to change lives for the better.

All your solicitor will need is this:

  • Merchants Quay Ireland of 24 Merchants Quay, Dublin 8
  • Registered Charity Number 20026240
  • Charity Number CHY10311

Meet legacies manager, Emma Murphy

I’ve spent my whole career fundraising for social justice causes in Ireland and Canada. I joined Merchants Quay Ireland in 2013 to look after the people who are considering leaving bequests, and their legacies to support homeless services. To me, it’s a privilege to assist in such thoughtful generosity.

I’ve left my own bequest to MQI too. So if you’d like to talk about yours, just ring me at 01 524 0965 or email me here.

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