Merchants Quay Ireland hosts film festival

Merchants Quay Ireland hosts film festival

The red carpet came to Merchants Quay Ireland as the Riverbank centre played host to a special screening of the science fiction classic, Terminator 2.

As part of the Audi Dublin Film Festival’s Picture House initiative, the Riverbank Centre at Merchants Quay Ireland was fitted out with a big screen, a sound system, and even a popcorn maker. Clients had been offered a choice of several films, with Terminator 2 coming out on top in a vote. The screening provided a rare chance for many MQI clients to relax and watch a film.

Prior to the screening, ADIFF Director Gráinne Humphreys gave a short speech about the importance of taking films out of the cinema and making them accessible to as many people as possible. One MQI client said that for many people there, it was the first time in the cinema since childhood, while for others it was a first time ever. He also spoke about, for those on the streets, how much ‘time is spent killing time’, and the screening provided a welcome relief from that.

Reflecting on the screening, Homeless Service Coordinator Edel Ambrose said:

“We were delighted to welcome the Audi Dublin Film Festival into our Riverbank Centre. For so many of our clients, watching a movie just isn’t something they can usually do. Initiatives like this can bring them back to happier memories and provide a moment of normality to their lives. Little things like this really can make a big difference, and we are very grateful to ADIFF for helping make it happen”.

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