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Re-categorisation should not deflect urgency of homeless crisis

Re-categorisation should not deflect urgency of homeless crisis

Homeless charity Merchants Quay Ireland has urged the Minister to ensure that the re-categorisation of the homeless figures must not deflect from the urgency of the current homeless crisis.

Commenting on the re-categorisation, CEO of Merchants Quay Ireland Tony Geoghegan said:

“The recent reporting errors highlighted by the government are worrying. Without reliable data, our capacity to understand the extent of the housing crisis, and to identify appropriate solutions, is diminished.

“While we welcome the slight decrease in the number of people accessing emergency accommodation, with 9,681 people remaining homeless in March, and with 110 trapped in rough sleeping, it’s clear that the housing crisis continues unabated.

“I urge the government not to lose sight of the vulnerable lives of people behind these stark numbers.”


For more information or to arrange an interview with our spokesperson, Tony Geoghegan, please contact:


Andrew Rooney

086 7793 208 or e-mail

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