MQI Lauches its Midland Service

Merchants Quay Ireland Midlands Service

Drug Alcohol Treatment Support Project MQI

Merchants Quay Ireland have been awarded the contract to provide a Community based Drug & Alcohol treatment support service for individuals over 18 years and their families for the Midlands Area i.e. Longford, Westmeath, Laois and Offaly.  This service will complement and enhance existing statutory, community and voluntary services currently operating in the region and provide appropriate interventions to over 18’s and their families in line with best international research and standards.

The service will be required to deliver an over 18 treatment support, family support, rehabilitation and aftercare service.  The service will provide a range of interventions using a holistic approach to include;

  • Provide a mobile needle & syringe exchange programme across the midland region.
  • Provide a range of rehabilitation and aftercare supports targeting service users from the region including those exiting drug and/or alcohol treatment programmes or exiting prison
  • Provide education, information, advocacy and treatment support to service users and their families as required
  • Target, engage and establish a relationship with local drug and/or alcohol users with a
    view to linking them into relevant services who are not currently in contact with services
  • Assess the needs of service users and match their needs with the appropriate evidence based interventions and arrange input from other relevant agencies where necessary
  • Work closely with community, voluntary and statutory services to ensure that service users can access support in relation to other needs i.e. housing, employment, education, etc.
  • Responsible for working in partnership to maximise benefits that can be achieved for individuals and families by utilising wider resources and support networks that are available locally

As a Low Threshold organisation, there are no barriers to accessing our service. Clients can self-refer or be referred in from any statutory, voluntary and community organisation.

General queries and referrals can be made by contacting the service co-ordinator, Orla Fagan, on 0867934920 or or the team member for the county in which they reside.

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