Recovery Services

Our drug-free treatment services provide easily accessible treatment for people in addiction who wish to become drug-free. Service users can be self-referred or may be referred from a wide variety of agencies across the country. In 2016, our residential detox and rehab treatment services provided accessible treatment for over 180 people who wished to become drug-free.


St. Francis Farm Detox and Rehabilitation Services


Located on a working Farm, Merchants Quay Ireland’s Drug-Free Detox & Rehabilitation Centre offers residential programmes aimed at providing detox & drug-free rehabilitation through a unique blend of individual and group therapy, education, and practical skills training in a rural farm setting.

The programmes include one-to-one counselling and care planning, group therapy, self-esteem seminars, assertiveness training, anger management, art therapy and relapse prevention training. Service users also receive training in first aid, life skills, and budgeting.

What makes this rehabilitation programme unique is the fact that it is run on a working farm, giving service users the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in animal care and vegetable production. The food produced at the farm is used to supply the kitchens in our various centres, and contributes to feeding up to 300 people every day.


High Park Residential Rehabilitation Programme


This is a 14-week fully residential programme. The aims and objectives are to offer clients a period of residential treatment in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

The 13-bed High Park residential rehabilitation programme seeks to accept service users who might not otherwise engage in drug-free treatment such as prisoners, homeless and women with problematic drug use The emphasis is on assisting service users to gain insight into the issues that underpin their problematic drug use and developing realistic measures to prevent relapse and remain drug-free.

The programme offers individual care plans, one-to-one counselling, group therapy, psychoeducational groups, fitness/gym activities, outdoor pursuits, and recreational activities.


National Prison Based Addiction Counselling Service


MQI operates an Addiction Based Counselling Service in 13 prisons across Ireland. Prisoners can benefit from professional addiction counselling through structured assessments and evidence-based counselling interventions with clearly defined treatment plans and goals.

In May 2020, it was announced that phones would be allowed in the cells of prison inmates in addiction who were quarantining due to COVID-19. Mark Kennedy, Head of Recovery Services at MQI, explained that phone and video conferencing in lieu of in person sessions had, by that stage, been up and running for a few weeks and was “working quite well.” This system allows for consistent contact between prison counsellors and clients, while adhering to HSE guidelines.


Last update of the article: 24/08/2020.

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