Women experiencing homelessness and addiction could not be more vulnerable. Many are coerced and abused, with their trauma compounded by terrible stigma. Silenced by shame, guilt and fear, these women don’t ask for help until they reach crisis point – until it’s too late. The average life expectancy of a homeless woman is 38 years old.  

But there is hope. Evidence from Ireland and around the world shows the best way of helping women experiencing homelessness and addiction is in a safe, female-only environment.

Sign our petition today to call for increased funding for homeless and addiction services for women. 

Young homeless woman looking sad

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For people who are homeless, MQI’s drop-in services work to first and foremost meet their basic human needs; a safe space, hot food, showers and opportunities for social interactions. By providing these basic services it enables our team to build relationships and provide information and advocacy support in relation to issues such as housing advice, tenancy sustainment, assistance with social welfare benefits, financial budgeting and access to medical cards and health services.

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