Merchants Quay Ireland was originally staffed entirely by volunteers, who have contributed highly to the overall success of the organisation. While we now have a large number of professional paid staff, it is still the case that people who devote their time to volunteering play a very important role and the involvement of volunteers within the organisation is encouraged and supported whenever possible.

Merchants Quay Ireland seeks to ensure that all anyone volunteering their services to the organisation will have their offers dealt with promptly and be given a warm welcome, which reflects the value we give to volunteers. Any adult (over the age of 18) is eligible to seek voluntary work at Merchants Quay Ireland. We particularly encourage applications from persons with personal experience of homelessness or problem drug use.

What we offer volunteers

We offer a clearly defined role to people volunteering, with full training and supervision provided to volunteers.

Please see our current Volunteering Opportunities displayed below and click on the role for additional information, including our Volunteers Application Form.

If you are interested in applying to Volunteer with us here, at Merchants Quay, please complete the Application form and email it to recruitment@mqi.ie.