MSIF Virtual Tour

The proposed site for the MSIF is the basement of our Riverbank Centre on Merchants Quay. We estimate that there could be at least 60 people accessing the MSIF each day.

Reception Area

The MSIF will be a MQI Receptionclean, safe, medically supervised service for people who inject drugs. As a compassionate, person-centred healthcare environment, which respects the dignity of clients, we believe that the MSIF will be a vital first step in reducing harm and supporting a person towards recovery.



Waiting/Assessment Area

MQI Ireland Homeless Services

When clients arrive into the MSIF they will first visit the waiting room and assessment area. Clients will be required to register with the service. Our staff will talk to them about their current situation and complete an induction process. Clients will also receive a basic health needs assessment, along with health promotion and harm reduction advice.






Injecting Room/Clinical Area

MQI Clinical Area
(Image of Sydney MSIF)

Clients then visit the injecting room. It is planned that there will be seven booths. This is a clean, safe, medically supervised service for people who inject drugs. There will be nursing staff and a project worker present at all times.





GP/Nursing Rooms

MQI Nursing RoomsIn the event that a client experiences a drug overdose or experiences other emergency health concerns – they will be cared for by the doctor/nurse present.





Aftercare Area

MQI Aftercare Area

The aftercare room is where clients stay, with the support of our team, until they are ready to leave. This is an important space and time to connect with staff and access information and advice about drug treatment services and other health and social services.




One-to-one Room

MQI One-to-One Room

We will have a one to one meeting room, where our staff will talk to people and link them in with other health services such as detox and rehabilitation or mental health support. Our staff will also support people accessing accommodation, social welfare, training, legal and welfare supports.