With post-tropical storm Lorenzo descending on Ireland, many of our supporters have contacted us to express their fears for the men and women sleeping rough on our streets.

I want to thank everyone for keeping the good people being helped by MQI in their hearts and minds during these raw, wet days.

As friends to Merchants Quay Ireland – and as you should rightfully expect – you should know that we monitor the weather daily, and sometimes hour by hour.

Because MQI have one of the only emergency respite centres of its kind in Ireland, thanks to support like yours. We have, in conjunction with the agreement of the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive, expanded our services for Storm Lorenzo by making as much additional space available as we possibly can. 

For Storm Lorenzo, MQI are also:

–      Opening the Night Café tonight at 8pm instead of 11pm to keep our door open around the clock

–      Implementing an extended morning service so people don’t have to return to the streets for any part of the day.

What we are expecting is, put honestly, what we see often at this time of year. People arriving soaked to the bone, no hope of dry clothing if not for the help you give.

People who are overcome with gratitude by the offer of a hot shower, and clean socks, and dry clothes. People who desperately need the relief of hot tea and a hot meal.

This message is not about asking for money. It is simply to thank you to our supporters!

Because of the great support we have received in the past our doors will be open to those who need us. Thank you for keeping the lights on and the kettle warm.

You are, quite literally, the caring heart of MQI, and this work would be impossible without you.

Here’s to sunnier skies,


Paula Byrne, CEO

Merchants Quay Ireland.

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