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Virtual Challenges

There are many ways to keep active and boost your mental health while also supporting Merchants Quay. Virtual Challenges are a great way to keep up your running and fitness levels while making it fun by sharing your progress through your fitness apps with your friends, family and coworkers. Better still, get them all on your team! You can take part in squat challenges, see how any downward dogs you can do in a day, take a 10k step a day challenge, the list is endless as this lockdown seems right now!

What kind of Virtual Events can I take part in  to support the work of Merchants Quay Ireland?

Well, you can also take part in some of the listed virtual events around the country and elsewhere such as the Run for Heroes 5KMay challenge, The Virtual Connamarathon or the Ring of Kerry Virtual Challenge You may have heard of the Hells 500, a mammoth challenge where you pick any climb, anywhere in the world and ride or run and repeat until you have notched up 8,848m vert. in one activity. Phew, we’re tired thinking about that one but it sounds like an adventure we could all use right now!

Sold, how do I get started?
  1. Simply register for the challenge of your choice
  2. Get in touch with us below, Maggie is on hand to help you, every step, sprint, swim…you get the idea!
  3. Setup your very own fundraising page so can raise funds in support of Merchants Quay Ireland
  4. Share what you’re doing with friends, family, colleagues, be relentless with your progress, milestones and glory at the finish line!

If you’re feeling up for the challenge please get in touch with Maggie on 01 5240139 or email to get a supporter pack. You can also sign up to hear updates from us here

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